Ads by DNS-Keeper

How to block DNS-Keeper Ads?

DNS-Keeper is an adware, that can cause some impact on your PC. The huge harm from penetration of DNS-Keeper on PC is displaying a lot of different ads. It causes many
Eye Perform adware

Eye Perform adware – How to remove it?

Eye Perform can be classified as an adware, which may infect all the most popular browsers today, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Eye Perform penetrates on PCs bundled with

MiuiTab adware – Removal Guide

What is Ads by MiuiTab? Ads by MiuiTab can be classifed as a program that included in the category of adware. This adware is an unwanted program with no particular functionality. This member of adware

How to remove Ads by SASA completely?

The Internet has a large number of free software. Every day, users download and install various free games, files, other useful software. Users may not even suspect that load various