What is the Justmineit.com?

Justmineit.com notifications appear with confusing offers to Internet visitors. They take place in different parts of the screen and look rather convincing when suggest installing JustMineIt extension. If you have questions about the necessity of the extension, we can surely tell you that it is a worthless and moreover harmful thing to have on the computer. However, there are a lot of people who are deceived by this tricky method to infect their systems.


JustMineIt appears on the stage not secretly, it indicates own presence with various kinds of advertisement banners users see in the browsers. And it can generate not only ads, what will you think of diverse redirections to random and suspicious sites? The only thing is common for all activities of this computer threat, it conducts harmful processes that have negative effect on the system. Conducting routine browsing will become a real challenge when the system receives JustMineIt extension. In case when you agreed and participated installation, there is an effective solution to eliminate the problem, continue reading to know what it is.

How does Justmineit.com get on my computer?

Pop-ups by Justmineit.com adware irritate and disturb users with the purpose to encourage you install more hazardous objects. This happened because you agree to interact with the notifications or clicked on suspicious link and enabled the process of malware activation. Check your online actions and prevent mindless installation of adware samples due to the switching for Customer Installation. Block all unwanted software before it appears in the system. Estimate current security state and prove that it is reliable. In case when you have doubts about this moment because the defense programs are not updated, add an anti-malware scanner to increase the level of your security. While you are waiting, you are losing your hardware and privacy in favor of malicious users.


Justmineit.com pop-ups will not disturb your browsing anymore with the help of a powerful anti-malware tool. Meet GridinSoft Anti-Malware utility that will remove the current infection and all possible garbage from your computer. Feel free to contact support that is always ready to give a hand!

How to fix all what Justmineit.com did?

Despite all these circumstances we recommend you to delete Virus, Justmineit.com immediately. You can do it without efforts with special tool – Anti-Malware by GridinSoft.

What advantages has Anti-Malware compared with other software?

  • Anti-Malware finds all threats, that present on PC;
  • Anti-Malware deactivates all viruses and other malicious software effectively;
  • Anti-Malware is easy to use;
  • The possibility of using the trial version of Anti-Malware free of charge.

More information about Anti-Malware and its advantages you can receive on our website on the page ABOUT US.

How to delete Justmineit.com virus completely?

If you want to delete Justmineit.com virus with Gridinsoft Anti-Malware, you need to do some manipulations. There are several steps how to remove Justmineit.com virus. Let’s consider them:

At first, you need to download >Gridinsoft Anti-Malware. For this, press the following button:

Download free scanner

Then discover Justmineit.com virus and all other threats, which penetrated on your PC. For this, you need to scan PC:

  • Install and run Anti-Malware
  • Move on the tab ‘Scan’ in the main menu.
  • Start scanning process by pressing the button ‘Quick scan’.

Computer scan
The scanning process is completed. All threats, including Justmineit.com virus found.

  • Wait until the program scans

Wait until the program scans

  • Select ‘Move to quarantine’ and press the apply button.

Select ‘Move to quarantine’ and press the apply button

  • The program will remove all viruses

Removal process

  • On this step you need to shut down all your browsers, click on ‘Tools’ in Gridinsoft Anti-Malware’s window and select ‘Reset browser settings’:

Specify all your browsers, which you want to reset with the help of Gridinsoft Anti-Malware and press the ‘Reset’ button:

reset with the help of Gridinsoft Anti-Malware
Reset browser settings

  • You will see successful finisfing process

Reset browser settings

After all this operations you need to restart your PC to activate appropriate settings. After completing these steps, your computer will be fully devoid of virus and other malware. To verify this, you can start a re-scan.

Instruction to avoid a re-infection PC by JustMineIt virus

You can organize a protection for PC in real-time. It helps you to avoid a re-infection by virus. You can do it by using our special tool – Gridinsoft Anti-Malware. To understand that this software is very convenient for you, download a free version of Gridinsoft Anti-Malware:

Download free scanner

After that, activate a feature of the On-Run Protection. For this you need to do such actions:

  • Open the window of Gridinsoft Anti-Malware.
  • Move on the tab ‘Protect’.
  • Activate On-Run Protection by clicking the button ‘Start’.

After all this manipulations you’ll see such result:

Activate On-Run Protection
Activate On-Run Protection to prevent any virus related threat in the future.
Activate On-Run Protection

  • Open the ‘Update’ tab and check the newest updates


  • At the end on the ‘Scan’ tab choose the Full scan of your system.

Computer scan